• Engaged in healing work at The Mandali Retreat Center. Lake Orta, Quarna Sopra, Piedmont area, Northern Italy from May 3rd-8th, 2017. See www.mandali. org &
  • Individual and group healing. Music-therapy healing
  • “Breathe Out”. Hospital programme designed  for patients with Alzheimer’s & Dementia
  • Voluntary work in nursing homes and hospitals
  • Platform speaker on a variety of different subjects
  • Courses in Healing with Music and the Chakras
  • Wrtiter of articles published in Norway and abroad
  • Article translating
  • Co-editor og ” Global Spiritual News” 

TALKS : “Spiritualism in English Art & Culture”

“Glastonbury Abbey and the story of Frederick Bligh Bond”

” Healing and Music”

COURSES/SEMINARS: ” Healing with music, sound frequencies and Chakra energy.


  • The Spiritual National Union Church in Liverpool
  • Glastonbury Abbey and Frederick Bligh Bond
  • Kingswells House. A visit to Clark Findlay’s house in Aberdeen & visit to Edinburgh, the birth place of the great spiritualist and author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • A visit to one of the ( NSAC) National Spiritual Association of Churches in the U.S.A. “The Summerland Church of the Comforter” in Santa Barbara, California
  • Articles on music, art & history British/Norwegian magazines
  • The Cistercian Monastery ruins at Hovedøya in the Oslo Fjord
  • The Ekeberg park of national and international female sculptures, Oslo
  • 2017 -Article about Spiritualism in the USA. Printed in the monthly global magazine “Psychic News”. U.K.Established in 1932 (click on link to read the article)
  • 2017- Portrait-interview printed in the Psychic News magazine.U.K. Music & Healing
  • 2018- ” Spiritualism in Norway”- the NSAC magazine ” Summit”-USA
  • 2018- ” Spiritualism in Norway”-printed in the International Spiritualist                          Federation magazine” Fraternally Yours”, distribution in 38 countries
  • 2019 –  ” Spiritualism in New Zealand” – a visit “down under” in January 2019
  • 2020 –     Launching ” Global Spiritualism”- what’s going on in the world ?.                       Joint editors . Marie Holm & Sybil Richardson. Published on                          under ” Global News “.

Portrait of Sybil and her work in Psychic News (October 2017). The British magazine has been in circulation since 1932 and is today the largest world distributed spiritual news magazine.


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