” If you seek happiness, then study spiritualism” – Victor Hugo

” The Kingdom og God is within you” – Luke  17-verse 21

” Our own distinction of right or wrong is founded too much upon the immediate convenience of the community and does not inquire sufficiently deeply into the ultimate effect” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Remember, when you leave this earth you can take with you nothing that you have received, only what you have given. A heart enriched by honest service and courage. St.Francis of Assisi ( 1182-1226 )

Some active Spiritualists/ pioneers from modern Spiritual times ( 1848 onward): Abraham Lincoln/Mary Todd Lincoln- Edgar Allan Poe-Mark Twain-Thomas Carlyle- Elizabeth Barrett Browning- Queen Victoria- W.B.Yeats- A.Conan Doyle- Emily Dickinson- Sir William Crooks to name a few.

Spiritual perception:Sybil Richardson- ” I am the universe of me, how I perceive is how I see. Deeds, good and bad sent out in space, lingering on in another place. Unfolding in truth  through forces that be, when in death I am faced with the universe of me”. Written by Sybil Richardson 2017.

A Ditty: As mere humans we will at sometime in our lives): Fumble.Stumble. Tumble, and at the end of the day Crumble, so don’t Grumble, we are all together in the Jungle. So learn to be Humble and let your heart Rumble. Written  by Sybil Richardson 2017.



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