Background- Healing

( Norwegian and English text )

Diploma student from the Norwegian Spiritualist Union. Authorized healer and member of The Norwegian Spiritualist Healer Union which is officially recognized by The Norwegian Ministry of Health. Advanced courses in healing and mediumship in Norway and at the Arthur Findlay College in England (the world’s foremost College for the advancement of Psychic Science). Courses with among others André Kirsebom, founder and leader of the Norwegian Spiritualist Union, and the world accredited healer/medium Simone Key. Tim Abbot. Moira Hawkins. Platform talks on the influence of music and frequencies in healing. Workshops/seminars in Breathing Healing with music frequencies and Chakra energies ( see “Courses” link).

Findley College in England 2015

Findlay College in England 2015

Diplomstudent fra Den Norsk Spiritualist Forbund. Godkjent healer og medlem av Norsk Spiritualist Forening Healerforbund, godkjent av Helsedirektoratet. Videregående kurs i healing of mediumskap i Norge og på Arthur Findlay College i England (verdens fremste skole for psykisk vitenskap). Andre kurs med bl.a.den verdenskjente healer/medium Simone Key. Tim Abbot. Moira Hawkins.Foredrag om bruk av musikk og frekvenser under healing. Workshop/seminarer i ” Healing med music frekvenser og Chakra energi”. Ser ” Courses/kurs” lenk på menyen.

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